Topic: Charity / Giving and Morality (Dana Paramita and Sila Paramita)

Sept. 24, 2017 (Sunday)

The first two qualities listed in the Six Paramitas. Dana and Sila are practiced to enable one to turn one’s focus from “self-orientation” to “other- orientation.” Dana develops the ability of giving to others, freely and without regard to favoritism, with a heart of generosity. This in turn leads to Sila.

Sila develops the ability of respecting others through consideration of others. Not a rigid code of behavior or judgment, but a developed sense of awareness of how our actions create consequences. This expands our understanding of Karma.

On Sunday, Sept. 24th, 2017, the Buddhist Education Committee will sponsor this Dharma Discussion. It will be an interactive and informal session. Come join us at 11:30am for lunch followed by the discussion from Noon–1:30pm, in the classrooms in the church.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP: to or leave a message at 510-471-2581 so we have a ballpark count on how many to plan for lunch. In an attempt to “be green,” we ask that you bring your own cup or mug.