Services for September 2018


September 2, 2018 – No Service

Minister’s Vacation


September 9, 2018 – Shotsuki Hoyo 10 A.M.

At this monthly memorial service, we will honor those loved ones who passed away in the month of September.


September 16, 2018 – Fall Ohigan Service 10 A.M.

Ohigan marks the Fall Autumnal Equinox.

This is the time when the Earth and the Sun are situated such that the hours of Daylight is equal to the hours of Night.

Ancient Japanese Buddhist nobles marked this auspicious time by practicing the 6 Paramitas and dedicating their spiritual path to the Pure Land.

August & September birthdays will be celebrated.

Dharma School will have registration for 2018-19.

Appreciation Lunch will follow Service.


September 23, 2018 – Bishop’s Memorial Service 10 A.M.

This Memorial Service is dedicated to all past and present Buddhist Churches of America ministers who have served as Bishop of the BCA

Dharma Discussion (11:30-1:30)

After service, lunch will be served to start the Dharma Discussion.

Kathy Velasco who was officially appointed as a Minister’s Assistant will share her Master’s Thesis which was earned at the Institute of Buddhist Studies.

Please RSVP if attending to Bill Sawasaki (510-471-2581) or by September 17.